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Welcome to the Berlin Open 2014 Website!
The 27th Berlin Open Disc Golf Championships 2014 will be held on June 20-22 at the Volkspark Rehberge in Berlin. The tournament will be as usual 30€ players fee, 90 spots, 18 holes, no OBs, approximately 50% of the players fee will be paid out as prize money and there will be a players package. As always, we are a PDGA Euro Challenge Tour Tournament (Tier B). The rules of play are the ones published by the PDGA.

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The following information was added within the last few days:

  • April 18th: registration phase 3 has started, now everyone can register. Sorry, I forgot to update the website around midnight.
  • April 4th: registration phase 2 has started, see rules for phase 2
  • April 1st: added a note in the payment section that we would like you to transfer the lunch money together with your players fee if possible. This information was obiously too well hidden before.
  • March 21st: registration for phase 1 has started, see rules for phase 1
  • March 20th: added rules for refunds in case of cancellations.
  • March 18th: Added informations about lunch, players package (umbrella) and doubles (golf start)
  • March 12th: Added videos of the Berlin Open 2012 und 2013 tournaments.
  • March 5th: New initial web page created.

The tournament is held at the Volkspark Rehberge, a beautiful park located about 4 km north of the center of Berlin. The location is roughly 2 km east of the Tegel airport and 5 km north of the western part of the city center.
If you understand German (or want to use those links for a computer generated translation), you can find more information about the park from the city administration or the German Wikipedia article.
You can also take a view from above at Google maps or Bing maps.

registration (phase 3)
Now everyone can register, regardless of their rating!
The registration process will be the same as last year: we will have three phases of registration, with the best players being allowed to register first. If you live within Germany, your current D-Rating will be used to determine wether you can register during an earlier phase, if you live outside Germany, your current PDGA-Rating will be used instead. The first phase will be from March 21st to April 3rd the second phase will be from April 4th to April 17th. From April 18th onwards, everyone will be allowed to register for the tournament, regardless of their rating.

The results will be published at the PDGA

Photos and Reports from last year
Viro Schneider took a lot of pictures during the open final, you can see them at Thank you, Viro!

Rasmus Spedtsberg presents pictures from this year as well as from past years at his page: Thank you too, Rasmus!

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